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Hackers can track your every call and movement, using just your phone number

Imagine your every move being spied upon by prying cyber criminals using just your telephone number. Is this possible? Yes, say German security experts!
German security experts from Berlin based  Research Labs say it is very easy to spy on anybody by hacking into their smartphone using just their number. To demonstrate their findings, a team of experts spied on a phone used by US Congressman Ted Lieu from California, a member of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Information Technology, who agreed to use an off-the-shelf iPhone.
The researchers proved their point in an interview with “60 Minutes” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi. In the show, Karsten Nohl of Security Research Labs and a team of hackers explained how cyber criminals can use a flaw in global mobile network called Signalling System Seven (SS7) to hack into virtually any smartphone.
In the show, Nohl used the congressman’s phone number and the SS7 flaw to hack into his smartphone. Once inside, the hackers were able to intercept and record calls, view his contacts, read his texts and even track his movements. They also automatically logged the number of every phone that called Congressman Lieu which included other members of Congress and elected officials, offering real hackers further targets.
Karsten Nohl of Security Research Labs with a team of hackers explain SS7 hacking on CBS
“Any choices that a congressman could’ve made, choosing a phone, choosing a pin number, installing or not installing certain apps, have no influence over what we are showing because this is targeting the mobile network,” said Nohl.
“First, it’s really creepy. And second, it makes me angry,” said Lieu. “They could hear any call of pretty much anyone who has a smartphone. It could be stock trades you want someone to execute. It could be calls with a bank. Last year, the president of the United States called me on my cellphone. And we discussed some issues. So if the hackers were listening in, they would know that phone conversation. And that’s immensely troubling.”
The SS7 flaw is not new, we had reported it back in August 2015. An imperfection in the architecture known as SS7, which is a signaling system that is used by more than 800 telecommunication companies across the world. Hackers can listen in to mobile phone conversations, steal information stored on mobile phones, and track the location of the phone’s user.

How does SS7 flaw work?

How does this work? The hacker forwards all calls to an online recording device and then re-routes the call back to its intended recipient, a so-called man-in-the-middle attack. It also allows the movements of a mobile phone user to be tracked through other hacking tools. The victim’s location can be tracked through Google maps.
Nohl says the SS7 flaw is actually an open secret among the world’s intelligence agencies. He also notes that the key flaw lies in the mobile network itself.
“Mobile networks are the only place in which the problem can be solved,” said Nohl. “There is no global policing of SS7. Each mobile network has to move — to protect their customers on their networks. And that is hard.” According to Nohl, all phones are the same and no one phone is more secure than the other.

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como crear memoria usb con linux booteable


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What Are Different Types Of WLAN Authentication — Basics Of Networking

wifi wlan authenticationShort Bytes: When a wireless network is deployed, authentication is the first thing that needs to be done before connecting it to devices. So, It is important to know the different aspects of the authentication methods. However, authentication should not be mistaken with the authorization. 

authentication is a process by which the identity of a user is verified by using some sort of credentials. On the other hand, authorization is more like authorizing a person to use the resources. Thus, in the most of the cases, authentication precedes authorization.

As far as authentication is concerned,  there are mainly three types of WLAN authentication methods that are used today:
  • Open authentication
  • shared authentication
  • EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) authentication

Open Authentication:

When a wireless network is deployed, a user knows about the particular network using its Service-Set Identifier (SSID). SSID, in simple terms, can be thought of as a wireless network identifier which is continuously broadcasted by the wireless network.
If you are really interested in knowing the different SSIDs your machine can see, then type the command below:
“netsh wlan show networks”
And it would look something like this:
Get wifi ssid from cmd also see Types Of WLAN Authentication
Here, you can see a list of SSIDs as well as authentication types of those SSIDs. So, in the open authentication, if the device knows the SSID, it can directly join the network.

Shared Authentication:

The shared authentication method is more secure than the open authentication. However, the shared authentication is basically employed on the individual and small business levels. A shared key, also known as Pre-Shared Key (PSK), is shared between the two parties. When the device tries to connect to that network, it puts in the key and if that matches, then the device is allowed onto the network.

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP):

EAP is the last types of WLAN authentication method, but the most secure authentication process of all. That’s why EAP is also deployed at the enterprise level along with an authentication server. A user logs into the wireless network using a variety of credential options

Everyone loves to hear what is written in a paragraph or in a document. This is the reason why the audio books are getting popular now a days. In this article i will show how you can convert text into audio using the Notepad.
Why Use Notepad?
Because it is the most commonly used text editor everyone uses. That’s the reason.

How To Convert Text Into Audio Using Notepad

STEP 1: Open Notepad. You can do this by searching for Notepad in the windows search Or Press Win+R and type Notepad and Press Enter.
STEP 2: Now, Copy following program and paste it in Notepad–

Dim message, sapi
 message = InputBox("A Best Text to Audio converter"+vbcrlf+"From -","Text to Audio converter")
 Set sapi = CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")

 sapi.Speak message

STEP 3: Now lets save the code we entered above. The code has to be saved in .vbs format rather than standard .txtformat.
STEP 4: Now navigate yourself to the location where the code is stored. in my case it was stored on the desktop so i will just go to the desktop and check for it. You can see that the file we saved was in the Visual Studio Script ( vbs ) format.
text to audio converter using notepad
STEP 5: Now just double click on the saved file and Enter the text you want to hear in the text box. The moment you click OK , You can hear the text you entered as Audio.
text to audio converter using notepad 2

“Kill JavaScript, Java, And Ruby Programming Languages” — Were You Going To Sign This Petition?

Short Bytes: There are few programming languages that are hated by many. But, a crazy person took his hate to the next level and submitted a petition in the “We the People” section of the White House website to kill JavaScript, Java, and Ruby programming languages.
According to a petition that sought your signatures, there are some programming languages that threaten the safety of the American people and are harmful to your life. This petition was submitted in none other than “We the People” section of the White House website.
This petition made its way to the website on March 16, 2016, and asked the government to “outlaw” some threatening programming languages. The petitioner even took the pain to list those evil programming languages and ban them.
So, if you are wondering which programming languages are a risk to the lives of American people, let me tell you — they are JavaScript, Ruby, and Java.

Yes, these “tools” represent a high risk to the safety of America’s critical infrastructure. The petitioner even goes ahead and calls these programming languages a “low hanging fruit” whose use should be limited.
This could also remind you of the Linux creator Linus Torvalds’ harsh views towards C++ programming language.
While it’s possible to write bad code and create applications in any programming language, it’s surprising to note that someone wants to entirely ban three popular programming languages.
Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax as this petition is now closed because it didn’t meet the signature requirements.
Okay, I’ve Read Enough — Teach Me How To Code

 hacked  TeamViewer

Finally TeamViewer confirms it has been hacked, says number of users hacked is ‘significant’

Several instances were reported last month when TeamViewer users complained that their accounts were accessed by online hackers. The company had reportedly suffered a data breach leading to the compromise of user accounts and PCs. TeamViewer officials continued to deny the hack over the weekend stating that the hack happened because of users.
TeamViewer is the most popular remote desktop platform used to remotely use desktops, share them or have an online conference through presentation mode. In many of the cases, these online criminals drained PayPal and bank accounts of affected users for the purpose of making purchases ranging from designer clothes to gift cards.
Simultaneously, TeamViewer’s network was disrupted by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, but the company insisted the incidents were not related.
An official TeamViewer spokesperson Axel Schmidt confirmed to technology website Ars Technica that a “significant” number of accounts have been breached, but at this time, no fixed figure can be given.
However, TeamViewer still abided to the company’s earlier statement that blamed “unprecedented large scale data thefts on popular social media platforms and other web service providers” for the series of attacks.
Hundreds of millions of hacked account details from MySpace, Tumblr, Linkedin and other companies have been offered for sale online during the past two weeks.
TeamViewer said it was likely passwords stolen in those “mega-breaches” that had also been used for TeamViewer accounts were helping cyber-thieves win access to users’ computers.
“They have taken advantage of common use of the same account information across multiple services to cause damage,” it said.
The spokesman denied claims the hacks were taking place because attackers had managed to penetrate its network and steal login names and passwords.
In an interview with Ars, Schmidt said, “We’re not doubting TeamViewer accounts have been abused,” Schmidt said. “It’s just this is not because of a TeamViewer weakness [..] We have reason to believe that’s because of the reuse of passwords. Obviously, what we’re not doubting is that yes, people have been ripped off by online criminals and their bank accounts may have been emptied, but again that’s not a TeamViewer vulnerability.”
When asked if hackers managed to bypass TeamViewer’s two-factor authentication, he said there is no ‘conclusive evidence’ that can prove that the two-factor authentication has been compromised. Also, without user log files, which are not being submitted by the TeamViewer users, there is no way to verify these claims and find out the real cause of the attack.
While still maintaining TeamViewer is not at fault, the spokesman did say sorry to users for the firm’s response to the original reports.
TeamViewer wants to “sincerely apologize” to users who were offended by the company’s choice of words, and Schmidt says that they “never meant to offend anyone.”
“So you want to be extra careful, and that’s what we meant to bring across. We’re deeply sorry if we offended anyone by our choice of words.
It’s really important to understand that TeamViewer is a tool that needs to be used sensibly and extremely smartly,” he concluded.

audio documentales 
Grandes Enigmas De La Historia

Lista De Documentales 
01.El Código da Vince 
02.La Sábana Santa
04.La Familia de Jesus
06.La Santa Inquisición 
07.El Rey Arturo
08.Los Borgia 
09.La Resurrección de Jesus 
10.El Rey Arturo - Merlin 
11.Maria Magdalena
12.El Arca Perdida
13.La Crucifixión 
14.El Rey Arturo - Camelot
15.El Paraiso Terrenal
16.El Apocalipsis 
17.La Cripta de los Médicis 
19.San Pedro
20.Los Masones
21.David y Goliat 
23.Judas Iscariote
24.Tras la Cruz Verdadera 
26.Herodes Antipa 
28.La Ultima Cena 
29.Asesinato de un Faraón 
30.El Santo Grial 
31.Los Discipulos de Jesus
32.Los Secretos del Oraculo 
33.María de Narazet 
35.La Cruzada de los Niños
36.José, el Señor de los Sueños 
37.La Lanza Sagrada 
38.Las Murallas de Jericó 
39.Los Años Perdidos de Jesus 
40.Hijo de Dios I 
41.Hijo de Dios II

42.Hijo de Dios III 

Formato : AAC - Codec Nero
Calidad : VBR
Duración : [35,20,24]
Tamaño : 693 MB.

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Efectos para virtual DJ

Total Audio Converter hace honor a su nombre y permite convertir tus archivos de audio de entre una treintena de formatos a nueve de los más populares ficheros.Además, de la forma más sencilla: seleccionas las pistas y haces clic en el tipo de archivo al que quieras convertir la música. A partir de ahí, un sencillo asistente, que se detiene justo donde en el punto que quieras y que te ofrece la posibilidad de cambiar la tasa de muestreo y la frecuencia, entre otros detalles.La conversiòn se realiza en cuestión de segundos y las posibilidades de Total Audio Converter no terminan ahí al incluir opciones para el ripeo de pistas o la integración total con CDuke, un programa de

Audio Editor Deluxe 2009 9.1.9 Full
Como su propio nombre indica, Audio Editor Deluxe es un completo y potente editor de archivos de audio. Con esta solución podrás realizar diversas operaciones con tus ficheros, como modificar la forma de onda de un archivo de audio filtrado, aplicar diversos efectos, convertir su formato, etc.
Audio Editor Deluxe soporta los principales formatos de sonido, entre los que destacan: OGG, MPEG (donde se incluyen MP2 y MP3), WMA, VOX, RAW y WAV, entre otros. Abre, crea, reproduce y guarda archivos de audio o solamente una parte de ellos, gracias a las herramientas de edición que te ofrece Audio Editor Deluxe. Todos tus sonidos se mostrarán en un gráfico con forma de onda, para que trabajes directamente en él, junto a las opciones de zoom, aplica diferentes filtros o graba tu propia voz con tu micrófono u otro dispositivo de entrada.
Aparte de editar tus archivos de audio, puedes utilizar Audio Editor Deluxe para modificar la información correspondiente al fichero, como los datos de álbum, artista, canales, comentarios, género, título, año, etc. Y para que no tengas problemas a la hora de trabajar con él, Audio Editor Deluxe te ofrece una interfaz totalmente personalizable, lo que te permitirá construir proyectos a tu gusto.

Blaze Media Pro v8.02 Special Edition

Blaze Media Pro es un programa multimedia todoterreno que soporta todas las necesidades multimedia que puedas tener, incluyendo conversiones de audio y vídeo, edición y grabación de audio, y edición y composición de vídeo. Las conversiones soportadas por Blaze Media Pro son todas las posibles entre CD, WAV, MP3, WMA y OGG, en cuanto a audio se refiere; y convierte los vídeos de formatos MPEG, MPEG-2, AVI, Multi-Page TIFF y FLIC.

Terrible piano virtual – Yamaha Arturia Cs 80V
Es exelente, el CS-80V es la reproducción de la legendaria Yamaha ® CS-80, que fue considerado por muchos como el “último sintetizador polifónico”, en los años 70? S. Exelente plug de Cubase. Se ha popularizado por los artistas y grupos como Toto, Jean-Michel Jarre, Keith Emerson, Stevie Wonder, Vangelis, Ultravox, Peter Gabriel? para nombrar unos pocos, y todos ellos contribuyeron a su vez, este sintetizador en un verdadero mito. Más de veinticinco años después de su liberación, ha llegado el momento de redescubrir un sonido que ha contribuido ampliamente a la historia de la música..

Any Video Converter Professional 2.6.7 Full
Any Video Converter Pro es una poderosa utilidad para la conversión de ficheros de vídeo digital que os ofrece una excelente calidad de salida y alta velocidad de conversión. El programa puede realizar conversiones de ficheros en casi cualquier formato de vídeo, incluyendo DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI al formato MPEG-4 para dispositivos portátiles como los reproductores iPod de Apple y las consolas PlayStation Portable de Sony. Su interfaz es agradable y fácil de usar.
* Conversor de vídeo.
* Formatos de entrada: DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI.
* Formato de salida: MPEG-4.
* Soporte para conversiones por lotes.
* Previsualización con opción de tiempo real.
* Permite ajustar diversos parámetros de los ficheros de salida.
* Alta velocidad de conversión.
* Excelente calidad de salida.